On behalf of the SABATAIR consortium, you are cordially invited to participate in a two-day workshop to develop a generic risk assessment guideline aimed at supporting air transport operators in defining the appropriate requirements for a safe transport of lithium battery consignments. 



EASA Brussels office
Avenue de Cortenbergh 100
1040 Brussels


The constant growth in the volumes of lithium-metal and -ion batteries transported by air, in view of their ubiquitous application in a wide range of electric products, places such an issue prominently in the air safety agenda. Lithium batteries may have been the cause, or contributed to, uncontrolled fires that lead to the loss of three cargo aircrafts between 2006 and 2011. The Sabatair project aims at providing an additional contribution to further handling the underlying technical and operational questions related to the transport of such type of consignments.   

The specific objective of the Sabatair project is to propose and evaluate novel and tailored packaging solutions and other operational measures aimed at the safe transportation of both lithium metal and lithium ion batteries on board an aircraft - passenger and cargo alike. The effectiveness of these solutions and measures is currently undergoing validation through a series of desk/modelling studies and experimental tests, representative of the environmental and operating conditions encountered in air transport. The final aim of the project is to develop a risk assessment guideline and enabling tools to support air transport operators in using such solutions and measures in their daily operations.  

This is the genesis of the current workshop that has a twofold objective: (i) to briefly disseminate the project approach and early outcomes; (ii) to seek inputs from the relevant parties – viz. air transport operators, aviation regulators, risk-assessment community, and/or academia - regarding the approaches and guidance that should be provided by the risk assessment.   
Taking into account their role as the expected main users of the results, air transport operators are encouraged to bring their contributions to this workshop. Your inputs will be gathered via a questionnaire to complete to be sent to participants following confirmation of attendance. The results of this questionnaire and the information collected will form a base for the discussions at the workshop. 


Thursday 6th June, 9.00am to 17.00pm  

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Review feedback from questionnaire (to be send to participants in advance of the workshop for completion)

Friday 7th June, 9.00am to 14.00pm

  1. Summarise outcome from day 1
  2. Identify appropriate risk assessment models
  3. Review any additional limitations or requirements identified during the workshop
  4. Wrap up and summary of workshop outcomes 

Address for the venue: Avenue de Cortenbergh 100 1040 Brussels, Belgium 
How to get to the EASA Brussels office: follow instructions via this link
A dinner in the center of Brussels is planned at the end of the first day. Place to be confirmed later. 
Please confirm your attendance at the event and the dinner via this link
The workshop is limited to 30 participants. 
Deadline for registration: 24/05/2019  

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