G-STIC 2020



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Tour & Taxis
Havenlaan 86C
1000 Brussel


The 4th G-STIC conference will be a hybrid event, offering online participation possibilities in addition to the participation at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, Belgium.

We carefully monitor all the latest recommendations regarding COVID-19 and will keep you informed about its impact on the conference. We work closely with Tour & Taxis, who have reorganised the way in which they host conferences. Tour & Taxis have established a new organisation of their spaces. Strict hygiene measures and innovative solutions are being implemented for the organisation of post-lockdown conferences such as the G-STIC conference.

Conference themes focused on breakthrough innovations

Inspirational sessions on market-ready technological solutions

The need for transformative changes is clear if we want to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Technology represents only one dimension of change, though. Changes in the social, financial, regulatory, institutional systems are urgently needed as well, and financial inclusion is vital. Choose among tens of inspirational sessions zooming in on all aspects of the change that we need.

  • Plenary sessions: Eager to learn from real-life examples of market-ready solutions for the SDGs? Especially as they demonstrate innovative approaches, laws, regulations and funding mechanisms for upscaling the deployment? Join the plenary sessions and get inspired by world-renowned keynote speakers and thought leaders on sustainable development.
  • Thematic sessions: Which market-ready innovations should policy and decision-makers in the public and private sectors keep a watchful eye on? Take part in our thematic sessions to discover scalable technological solutions addressing multiple societal challenges. Find out why they are crucial for developing STI roadmaps or investing in new business opportunities.
  • Deep dive sessions: What fundamental changes are needed to accelerate the deployment at scale of market-ready innovations? Why is intense cross-sectoral collaboration crucial to address social and economic challenges related to the SDGs? How can we strengthen such cooperation? Enter into the discussion with experts during the conference deep dives.

Action events focused on concrete implementation

Achieving the SDGs by 2030 demands for business-unusual approaches. We urgently need to accelerate the wide-scale deployment of breakthrough market-ready technological solutions.

All of us must therefore seize every opportunity to exchange groundbreaking ideas, best practices and lessons learned. Pick the action event that best fits your needs and engage with relevant stakeholders to underpin the concrete implementation of market-ready technological solutions.

  • Workshop: Interested in joining a debate on the hurdles and technical solutions for specific sustainable development challenges? Join one of our workshops where experts from industry, government institutions, and research centres review the progress expected in future. Discover developments that enable breakthrough innovations.
  • Hackathon: Are you an entrepreneur, coder, researcher, designer or simply a natural enthusiast about finding solutions to challenging problems? Then take part in the hackathon and join a small team of talented people with complementary expertise. Collaborate on a digital technology prototype addressing distinct societal challenges.
  • Matchmaking: Looking for opportunities to showcase innovations in front of an international expert audience? Interested in learning from best practices and implementations of market-ready technologies? Engage with technology suppliers, service providers, local or regional authorities, or investors during one of our matchmaking events.

Network with policymakers, investors, researchers and captains of industry

How do you capture new opportunities to contribute to a sustainable world? Are you working on any such opportunities right now but having a hard time to exchange experiences with the right people?

At the G-STIC 2020 conference, you’re part of an international audience of entrepreneurs, researchers, innovation experts, technology suppliers, investors, captains of industry and policymakers. The G-STIC conference is the place to be for extending your network with people dedicated to the SDGs.