Shaping Sustainable Energy Research

Our present energy system is currently in full transition, bringing both challenges and opportunities to the table. Which technology will take center stage is hard to predict. Though, what is sure is that technological innovations have a crucial role to play in the further roll-out of the energy transition. To inspire you about new technological developments in our energy system scroll further down below. May it inspire you on the opportunities laying ahead.

Research highlights

     The comeback of direct current  thermal energy  Buildings and Districts  Flexibility  Roadmaps to a sustainable energy future      

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Join us in the journey to a zero-carbon energy system 

As you can see, many new technologies are being developed that will find their way into the market in the coming years. A continuous series of small and large changes will mark the road to the energy system of 2030, 2050 and beyond. The transition will continue, bringing with it interesting social, economic and technological opportunities. As researchers, we are very excited to be tackling the challenges we will face in the coming years.

We invite all interested parties – companies, governments and organisations, in Belgium and abroad – to work together on the sustainable energy system of the future. Feel free to contact us and learn more about the opportunities the energy transition has in store for you!