Ultracaps are electrochemical cells. An operational system requires careful assembly of those cells, inverters and control systems to guarantee safe and dependable operation under all conditions and over long periods of time. 


This involves selection of components, dimensioning, mechanical design, control system development, thermal testing and ascertaining the appropriate fitness-for-purpose of the overall system. EnergyVille offers a fully-integrated support package to companies developing or acquiring their own ultracap systems. We can support all development activities, from concept to a validated prototype. Depending on the needs, we offer the possibility to carry out one or more support activities separately.


EnergyVille has these advantages on offer in the domain of ultracaps development:

  • proven track record in designing and developing advanced and tailor-made ultracap systems for mission-critical applications
  • fully integrated support, ranging from system design, component selection, software development and assembly to testing
  • vendor-independent
  • advanced cell management and balancing technology with superior performance compared to alternative systems
  • access to extensive state-of-the-art design, simulation and test facilities


Ultracaps are booming as a means for buffering significant amounts of energy in high-power applications. They are more suitable than batteries for applications with short cycle times. Typically used in hybrid buses or railway applications for the recovery of braking energy, ultracaps are becoming more common in other parts of the mobility sector as well. 

Ultracaps are suitable for:

  • all applications that require fast and flexible, short-term buffering of electrical energy
  • mobility:
    • railway (tram, metro, train)
    • automotive
    • utility vehicles
    • marine
    • logistics (cranes…)
    • aerospace


  • system integrators looking to develop their own ultracap systems
  • ultracap-suppliers wishing to improve and/or validate their offering
  • prospective customers drawing up specifications or wishing to evaluate alternative options


Ultracap systems are based on electrochemical cells that are combined into strings and modules to provide the storage capacity that is needed. They require precise balancing and voltage control to operate correctly and make the most out of the capacity of each individual cell. Because of their compact size and power density, heat dissipation is an additional point of attention.

Selecting the right cells is therefore only a part of building a complete ultracap system. Correctly dimensioning the entire system for the application; mechanical design of the system (cells, control systems, casing) and its layout and taking care of thermal management (which again influences mechanical design) are at least as important. In addition, once a system has been completely built, it needs to be tested and validated to fully guarantee its functioning.

EnergyVille offers support in all (or a selection of) phases of development. Apart from building on extensive experience, we can offer to integrate our advanced energy management system and our patent-protected module design.

Ultracap System development proces

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Serge Peeters


Serge Peeters

Business Developer Electrical Storage at EnergyVille/VITO