Trust “digital TuRn in EUrope: Strengthening relational reliance through Technology”


Running project

The Trust project is part of the Horizon 2020 framework program, the largest program ever implemented by the European Union for research and innovation. It features an interdisciplinary research program aiming to understand the mutual influence between trust and digital technologies. This is a much debated and current topic in a historical moment that sees new technologies and Artificial Intelligence increasingly present within the decision-making processes.

The focus of the Trust project is on blockchain technology as one of the most relevant forms of "Distributed Ledger Technology", i.e. systems based on a distributed ledger, capable of creating a peer-to-peer economy - a decentralized model in which people interact to buy or sell goods and services without intermediation - based on trust. The common objectives are to investigate into the contribution of the blockchain towards a peer-to-peer economy without intermediaries, the applications of blockchain in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the creation of collaborative administration models for smart cities and the development of a regulatory framework adapted to the effective integration of blockchain technology in Europe.

The project's academic and non-academic partners (companies and institutions) are: the University of Macerata (Italy), the Marche Polytechnic University of Ancona (Italy), KU Leuven/EnergyVille, the Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (Spain), the Institut Mines-Telecom (France), Ono Academic College (Israel), the Beijing Normal University (China); Grottini Lab Srl (Italy), Montimage Eurl (France), Edna Pasher Phd and Associates Management Consultants Ltd (Israel), Region De Murcia (Spain).

Trust project kick-off meeting

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