The activity district heating and cooling focuses on the development, demonstration and implementation of intelligent control of networks and substations, tools for designing DHC networks, low temperature networks, multi-carrier energy networks and district cooling networks. 

The activity conversion systems focuses on the development, demonstration and implementation of intelligent control of conversion systems, the efficiency improvement of conversion systems and the increase of flexibility of the systems to be used as link between different energy carriers. In the activity we focus on heat pumps, ORC’s and heat exchangers.

The activity thermal energy storage focuses on the development, demonstration and implementation of intelligent control of energy storage systems, the state of charge determination of storage systems, storage integrated concepts and compact thermal energy storage.


  • Independent applied research centre with national/international recommendations
  • Large testing facilities in EnergyVille’s labs and our living labs
  • Extended network of SMEs and industry to put our technology in the market
  • Multi-disciplinary teams with in-depth knowledge field
  • Large publications and patents lis

What partners are we looking for?

  • Innovative partners that make impact in the technology field
  • Demonstration sites or living labs where our technology can be tested
  • Partners that have specific knowledge about DHC networks planning, design and operation
  • DHC operators
  • Master students that want to start a PhD position
  • PhD students that want to start a Post-Doc position


DHC Networks:

  • Intelligent control of DHC networks
  • Fault detection of substations
  • Tools for design and optimal routing/design
  • Low temperature networks with domestic hot water production and reduction of return temperature
  • Multi-carrier energy networks
  • District cooling networks

Conversion systems:

  • Flexible and efficient systems to convert heat to electricity (ORC)
  • Flexible and efficient systems to increase temperature of low temperature heat sources (heat pumps)
  • Improved heat exchangers (increased heat transfer, reduced pressure drop, lower total cost of ownership)

Thermal Storage:

  • Smart control of thermal energy storage
  • Energy Flexibility Indicator (state of charge determination) of thermal energy storage
  • Storage integrated concepts
  • Compact thermal energy storage systems


Thermisch Lab EnergyVille

For more info, feel free to contact our expert.

Erik De Schutter


Erik De Schutter

Business Developer Thermal Energy Systems at EnergyVille/VITO