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The TEMPO project develops technical innovations that help to lower temperatures in district heating networks for a future sustainable energy system. This is realised by 1) innovations to create low temperature (LT) networks for increased network efficiency and integration options for renewable and residual heat sources; and 2) new business models to boost network competitiveness and attractiveness for stakeholder investment. These innovations are combined into 3 solution packages and are implemented in 3 district heating networks to demonstrate the benefits of these solutions.


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The TEMPO – Temperature Optimisation for Low Temperature District Heating across Europe – project develops technical innovations that enables district heating networks to operate at lower temperatures. By decreasing the temperature in the systems, it reduces heat losses and allows a higher share of renewable and excess heat to be used as heat sources. The use of these heat sources will be crucial to adapt current district heating systems and create new ones suitable for a sustainable energy system.

Six technological innovations that contribute to minimising the temperature in networks and enables a cost-efficient implementation of low temperature networks will undergo final development in TEMPO. Each of the innovations can bring value to most district heating networks individually. However, the main strength of this project lies in the combination of the individual technologies into solution packages for dedicated application areas. Three solution packages customised to three different application areas, that together covers 90% of the district heating market in Europe, will be tested in selected representative demos:

  • New urban low temperature district heating networks
  • New rural low temperature district heating networks
  • Existing high temperature district heating networks

Additionally, TEMPO will develop innovative approaches to consumer empowerment enabled by digital solutions. The project will also develop new business models and demonstrate their replication potential for the roll-out of sustainable and economically viable district heating networks across the EU.

EnergyVille is the project coordinator, work package leader for the technological district heating innovations and will assist the German company Enerpipe in the implementation of the decentralised thermal energy storage system in their demo site. Furthermore, EnergyVille is responsible for the exploitation and replication part of the project bringing the innovations together with the partners to the market. EnergyVille will work on (self-learning) optimisation algorithms and data mining and is the technology provider of the algorithms for the different digitalisation solutions. The TEMPO develops technical innovations that helps to lower temperatures in district heating networks for a future sustainable energy system.

 Funded by the European Union's H2020 Programme under grant agreement 768936.


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Johan Desmedt

Project Manager Energy Technology at EnergyVille/VITO