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In the STEP-UP project (Strategies Toward Energy Performance and Urban Planning), four ambitious European cities are working together with partners from the fields of industry and research to develop holistic solutions to urban planning, with the goal of achieving economic, environmental and technological progress. The partner cities participating in STEP-UP are Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg and Riga.


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The Flemish project partners include the city of Ghent, EnergyVille and EANDIS. In Ghent, the aim is to improve and refine the existing Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), as well as focus on setting up pilot projects on climate neutrality in the Sint-Amandsberg and Dampoort districts. The experiences gained in Ghent will be shared with other Flemish and European cities, to create a multiplier effect.

In addition to Ghent, six other Flemish cities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors have expressed their commitment to setting up a Flemish learning network. These include the cities of Mechelen, Ostend, Leuven, Genk, Hasselt and Antwerp. EnergyVille develops a coaching track with each of these cities, focusing on a particular aspect of urban energy consumption. Themes for the coaching tracks are:

  1. GIS-based energy maps;
  2. Financing for residential building renovations;
  3. Market models for heating networks;
  4. Flexible district developments;
  5. Green urban distribution;
  6. Learning lessons for the creation of an SEAP.
Marlies Van Holm


Marlies Van Holm

Programme Manager Smart Energy & Built Environment at EnergyVille/VITO