EnergyVille’s state-of-charge technology can estimate the amount of energy in a battery up to a few per cents accuracy, depending on its chemistry and application. The technology also takes into account the battery temperature which can have a significant influence on the state-of-charge.

Based on the actual behaviour of the battery, the algorithm will adapt the necessary parameters (capacity, resistance...) and remain accurate even if the battery ages. This EnergyVille algorithm can be implemented usinginexpensive hardware based on new patent-pending technology.


Most commercially available battery management systems calculate their state-of-charge by measuring voltage and a discharge curve or by integrating current (Coulomb counting). Each technique can lead to big estimation errors, depending on the circumstances. EnergyVille has developed a state-of-charge estimation algorithm that combines the best of both in a smart way, using innovative filtering technology.


Making a correct estimation of the amount of energy left in a battery, the so-called state-of-charge is an important and difficult exercise. Some applications tackle this issue by using only a small amount of the battery capacity (from 30% to 70% full). As such they never reach the actual limits of the battery, even if their state-of-charge was wrongly estimated. Obviously this is not an efficient way of using an expensive component such as a battery.

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Sofie Ignoul

Business and Relationship Development at Energyville/VITO