The SmILES project aims at merging knowledge about smart integration of storage in hybrid energy system (heat and electricity) on national level for a reasonable instrumentation of storage and renewable energy technologies on European level.



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Current energy systems are operated and controlled with a focus on only one form of energy (electricity or heat). Future highly integrated energy system must make the best use of various energy storage technologies in collaboration. As operation and control strategies for hybrid energy systems comprising thermal and electrical storages as well as the cross-linking technologies, which allow load shifts between thermal and electrical nets exist currently only at a conceptual stage, optimized operation and control strategies have to be worked out and applied to system configurations to proof the benefit of a hybrid energy system.

The project “Smart Integration of Energy Storages in Local Multi Energy Systems for maximising the Share of Renewables in Europe’s Energy Mix” (SmILES) is a joint project with AIT, DTU, EDF SA (and EIFER EWIV), Vito/EnergyVille and EERA AISBL. SmILES zooms in simulation and optimisation of smart storage in local energy systems for increasing the understanding and transparency of innovative multi-energy projects. Setting up a shared data and information platform and effective dissemination of related results will contribute to competence building. Supplementing the research activities, a long-lasting framework across EERA JP borders has been set up by the consortium for extending storage integration technologies by linking other EERA members, stakeholders, energy supplier and industry.

The objective of SmiLES is twofold:

  • Obtaining fundamental knowledge about linking and optimising heterogeneous energy carriers and systems including storage and renewable energy technologies across geographical scales from local to national.
  • For the European level: Development and dissemination of guidelines for modelling, simulating and optimising such systems. These guidelines will be derived from aggre­gated and merged knowledge of five different energy system configurations, which combine heat- and electrical power systems with storage capabilities (CHPS).
pieter valkering


Pieter Valkering

Researcher at EnergyVille/VITO