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In the Geothermal Roadmap 2020 project, we will conduct a roadmap study for the development and implementation of geothermal energy as a sustainable, stable and affordable source of heating and electricity for governments, businesses and citizens. Preparations for the rollout in Flanders are underway, with the Campine area (De Kempen) region as the base.




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With the GEOTHERMIE 2020 project, EnergyVille, Voka (Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and IOK (Intermunicipal Development for the Campine) want to provide a strong incentive for the development of employment opportunities and the strengthening of the economic fabric in the Campine region and, by extension, in Flanders. For this, EnergyVille will focus primarily on geology, energy systems and technologies, transitions and materials engineering. Voka is indisputably best placed to create the link between the project and the regional companies. IOK is the perfect party to bridge the gap between the project, municipalities and citizens. This is a process of transition, in which technological, economic and social needs, innovations and social support must be reconciled with one another. The technology is already proven in other countries, but is new to the Campine region.

The large-scale implementation brings with it a number of technological challenges. The rollout can contribute substantially in creating new industrial companies and lead to economic progress in Flanders, therefore helping it to acquire an international presence. Case studies, related to the construction of a number of power stations and at least one cluster of power stations, are expected to demonstrate the economic feasibility of the project. Finally, to facilitate the rollout, a number of initiatives will need to be taken in the area of licences, concession policies and even legislation.

Ben Laenen


Ben Laenen

Researcher Geothermal Energy at EnergyVille/VITO