PATHOPT is an optimization toolbox for thermal networks that can automatically determine the optimal network layout based on specific geographical information.

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PATHOPT provides data:

  • Automatic, fast and accurate
  • Based on geographical input
  • Up to city level
  • With economic and energetic output targets
  • From multiple production sources

With a minimal input of the geographic location and preferable input of both production plant characteristics (location, power & temperature levels, and heat cost) and consumer characteristics (location, required minimal temperature, and heat demand) the PATHOPT tool provides the following output measures:

  • Pipe layout and dimensioning
  • Thermal-hydraulic information, temperature and pressure at any location
  • Economic considerations like CAPEX, OPEX, and revenue

The importance of topology

How does PATHOPT work?

Erik De Schutter


Erik De Schutter

Business Developer Thermal Energy Systems at EnergyVille/VITO