EnergyVille/VITO, together with KU Leuven and BBRI, developed the MMG assessment framework and calculation model, allowing building professionals and policy makers to assess the environmental performance of building elements. The methodology, following the principles of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), is yearly updated and refined based on new LCA standards, insights and results from test cases. In 2018 the MMG LCA method was translated to a web application tool called TOTEM.

The MMG project originated from a lack of environmental classification systems on building materials and components adapted to the Belgian context. In the project an expert calculation model was developed together with a limited database of environmental profiles of 115 building element variants, based on the principles of life cycle assessment (LCA).

After the first MMG project, a reference task was set up, to update the methodology and its calculation model based on  new LCA standards and insights and to extend it with new features, such as:

  • Continuous update of the methodology
  • Conformity with EN 15804, EN 15978 and PEF Guide
  • Additional impact categories
  • Extension of the database with new environmental profiles
  • Sensitivity analyses

Also several innovative building cases are investigated with the MMG LCA method. The MMG-model is also applicable in more specific research, e.g. Design for Change, where the environmental impact of adaptable and/or multi-use building components is investigated. In 2018 the MMG LCA method was translated to a web application tool called TOTEM.


Tobias Denys


Tobias Denys

Project Manager Smart Energy and Built Environment at EnergyVille/VITO