Vlaamse proeftuin elektrische voertuigen

The open innovation platform "Flemish Living Lab Electric Vehicles" came about to speed up the introduction of electric vehicles in Flanders. Companies or organizations test innovative technologies, products, services and concepts through a representative test population in a real living and working environment. The aim is to adjust and / or speed up the innovation and to capture future needs.



Closed project



On 15 July 2011, the Flemish government approved five pilot projects on the proposal of Minister of Innovation Ingrid Lieten.

The partners involved in the Proeftuin are very diverse. There are companies active in telecommunications, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles, mobility, public transport, parking management, consulting, roadside assistance, etc. Together with the research institutes they are looking for innovative solutions to accelerate the introduction of electric mobility. In addition, a lot of municipal and provincial governments also participate.

All these organizations were grouped into five platforms: EVA, EVTecLab, iMOVE, Olympus and Volt-Air. They receive investment and operating subsidies via IWT to bring more than 300 electric vehicles and 600 charging points into the streetscape. The Program Office @EnergyVille supported the platforms during the 3-year term of the Proeftuin (2011-2014).

Carlo Mol


Carlo Mol

Programme Manager Energy Technology at EnergyVille/VITO