Het Flemish Knowledge Platform Building renovation aims at creating a positive climate for the renovation of homes using the unique opportunity of 10 testing grounds. This goal will be realized through the development of knowledge and an improved market and collaboration, which will result in the breakthrough to a volume of qualitative energetic renovations


Closed project

Het Flemish Knowledge Platform Building renovation will in interaction with the testing grounds:

  • become a point of contact that ensures the visibility of the testing ground so a multiplication effect can occur
  • provide support and the development of knowledge
  • ensure quality by providing guidelines for energetic monitoring and an analysis of cost-efficiency
  • analyze and evaluate the results of the project and the platform
  • organize the dissemination of knowledge tailored to the broad audience of innovation followers
  • provide a translation at the level of policy


Dirk Saelens


Dirk Saelens

Professor Building Physics at EnergyVille/KU Leuven