Get a better insight in your own forecasting process. Get to know your energy sourcing portfolio.


Through applied statistics and mathematics we can offer you:

  • forecasting
  • nomination
  • portfolio


  • Energy suppliers
  • Balance responsible or access responsible Parties
  • Energy services providers
  • Large energy prosumers
  • Companies that have a contract with Balance or Access Responsible Parties


Energy Sourcing Process Optimisation
Energy Sourcing Process Optimisation

Discover some of our ways to optimise your energy sourcing process:

  • Optimisation, analysis and control of flexibility carriers (smart grid)
  • Optimal scheduling of a fleet of devices
  • Optimal trading on energy markets (CHP)
  • Modelling, prediction, quantitative analysis to improve
    • wind forecast
    • consumer forecast
    • portfolio management
    • solar forecast 

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Wim Cardinaels


Wim Cardinaels

Project Manager Energy Technology at EnergyVille/VITO