EBECS is a tool for giving home owners or tenants comprehensive renovation advice. It combines input from the household on simple questions related to their building and EnergyVille’s expertise on the Belgian building stock. This will lead to an analysis of the current housing situation (the construction, the systems, the people, their behavior and their energy consumption) in order to identify the possibilities for improvement via energy retrofitting and RES installation.


The tool offers complete renovation packages and shows:

  • to what extent the energy consumption is reduced
  • what the home owner is going to save on the energy bill
  • the total investment costs
  • the payback time

Furthermore, the home owner can select and investigate the effect of different renovation measures on the energy

bill of their house in order to choose the renovation package which best suits their needs.


  • Distribution system operators of electricity and gas who are looking forward to reinforce or improve their market positioning through new online tools for renovation scenarios.
  • Banks and financial institutions that want to increase the amount of money lent to their clients who wish to renovate their homes. For the client the payback time on initial investment would be lower if they make use, for example, of existing subsidies.
  • Solution providers such as energy conversion systems and/or insulation producers and installers who are looking for a trustworthy online tool to provide to their clients. The clients can make use of the tool to estimate the impact of the measures on the homes.
Kris Boonen


Kris Boonen

Business Developer Smart Energy and Built Environment at EnergyVille/VITO