City Portal is an interactive and smart platform with building data for collective renovation of residential buildings at district, city, provincial and regional level. In 2019 Fluvius provides this tool to all cities and municipalities in Flanders as a free service.


Running project

The City Portal is an interactive portal with building data currently focusing on residential buildings. Extension to tertiary buildings is possible with some small adjustments. This portal can be used by several stakeholders. These include, for example, smart city related municipal services, inter-municipal associations, distribution network operators and urban strategy advisors. The portal has been specifically developed for joint data management, planning as well as a roll-out of refurbishment actions and impact monitoring of the implemented energy efficiency or sustainable energy measures.


The platform gives insight on dwelling, district, city and provincial level and for two "dimensions":

  • Characteristics of the building and residents: typology, state of the property, geometrical features, tenure and energy consumption.
  • Renovation interests of the residents, broken down into types of measures.

The portal is currently being expanded with a third ‘’dimension”, for the purpose of monitoring the impact of implemented renovation measures and the resulting estimated savings (according to reporting Covenant of Mayors and EU Smart City Indicator System).

Some extra features:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Different levels of access rights in terms of privacy protection.
  • User-friendly use for various actors: solution providers, city services, distribution system operators (DSOs), urban strategy advisors

The portal has a map environment and an analysis environment (dashboard with statistics). The portal makes data available at building level but also allows statistics to be visualised for a self-designated area and by district, city, province, region.

City Portal - Screenshot van de GIS kaart en het dashboard. Twee dimensies zijn zichtbaar (woonstaat, renovatie-voornemens). Statistieken voor '' huidige selectie '' en voor verschillende wijken die door de gebruiker zijn gedefinieerd, worden in het dashboard weergegeven.

City Portal - Screenshot of the GIS map and the dashboard. Two dimensions are visible (state of residence, renovation intentions). Statistics for ‘’current selection’’ and for different districts defined by the user are shown in the dashboard.​

Existing information and central data layers can be added by various actors either single use or on a recurrent basis (e.g. annually). Further collection of building information can also take place via public web pages in which citizens are encouraged to disclose their interest in refurbishment measures and to provide some basic information about the status of their home. Such data collection procedures have been set up in Flanders in collaboration with DSO’s and cities.


Zet je Woning op de Kaart

Collection of information via public web pages "ZetjeWoningopdeKaart": five questions about the state of the residence, five questions about refurbishment measure interests and household composition. In return, each individual user receives a benchmark of his/her energy use in comparison to peers. 

Moreover, geometrical data are currently derived by VITO for the entire Flemish and Brussels building stock based on aerial image analysis (LOD2). Floor area, façade area, roof area, volume can be consulted in City Portal per parcel by the end of 2017. All data can easily be exported from the City Portal for further processing.

The portal was developed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) to fully protect consumer privacy. The portal is ready for commissioning, both The City Portal application and the public web pages for collecting information.

Want to know how the City Portal Tool can support you? Feel free to contact one of our experts.

Kris Boonen


Kris Boonen

Business Developer Smart Energy and Built Environment at EnergyVille/VITO