Save time processing battery data, focus on creating battery insight.



The BATAL family exists to support the processing of raw data quickly into an exploitable report with full battery insight. Raw data from all type of test machines are easily read and analysed. For example, massive data files from ageing tests are transformed in key ageing parameters. 

Reduce the time for analysis : from 1 day to less than 1h. 


With BATAL the focus is purely on the creative level: how much information can you learn from the battery tests without programming skills. Make a simple script and get the needed information directly into tables and graphs. Don’t bother anymore with data formats. This is the reason for BATAL to exist. 


  • Battery laboratory researchers 
  • Engineers of battery management systems 
  • Battery material scientists 
  • Battery cell producers 

Battery Test Analysis Lab

  • In depth analysis of battery performance. 
  • Scripted test data extraction. 
  • Visualisation in tables & rich graphics in minutes

Battery Behaviour Lab

  • Focus on brand differences & evolution. 
  • A powerful way to compare batteries. 
  • Follow up time-integrated analysis of battery life

Battery Modelling Lab

  • Fit pulse data to multiple battery models. 
  • Run many modelling scenarios for one or several pulses 
  • discharge and/ or charge pulses

The BATAL software can be downloaded under a license agreement. A licensing server is used for the updates. BATAL is permanently improved according to the feedback by the users.


For more information, feel free to contact our expert.

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Sofie Ignoul

Business and Relationship Development at Energyville/VITO