On 14 May Hakan Ergun, Jef Beerten and Ronnie Belmans held a webinar on the effect the Covid-19 pandemic has on the electricity system. In this webinar, they had a closer look at the changing patterns of power generation, demand and electricity prices, comparing them to a number of previous years. Based on this comparison, they tried to demonstrate how these changes could affect supply reliability, not only in the coming days and weeks, but also in the future when the transition to renewable energy will be more advanced, reaching for a full renewable power system by 2050 in Europe.

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HoogspanningThis webinar was held following a written expert talk by Hakan Ergun. Want to read the full article?  
To the expert talk

IEEE PES whitepaperAlso covered during the webinar was the IEEE Power & Energy Society white paper on how electric utilities and system operators have overcome the issues associated with COVID-19 to provide safe and reliable power to communities. Read the full paper here


Download the slides here.

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