On 11 June 2020, Tom Aernouts (EnergyVille/imec) and Bart Vermang (EnergyVille/UHasselt) held a webinar about the promising results that have been accomplished with tandem solar cells. Perovskites are a promising material system to make high-performance solar cells. They can be processed into thin, light, semitransparent modules that can achieve a high power conversion efficiency, are inexpensive to produce, and have a high absorption efficiency for sunlight. Because they can be made semitransparent, perovskite solar cells and modules can also be used on top of silicon solar cells. These tandem cells have a huge potential to boost the efficiency of solar panels and might even prove to be the most cost-effective approach to further improve the efficiency of photovoltaics.

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Tandem cellsThis webinar was held following a written expert talk by Tom Aernouts.
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Webinar Tom Aernouts


Download the slides of Tom Aernout's presentation 'Next generation solar cells: perovskites and tandems' here.



Webinar perovskitesDownload the slides of Bart Vermang's presentation 'Perovskite & Chalcongenide, a marriage made in heaven?' here.


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