On 11 September Paul Van Tichelen and Stijn Verbeke (EnergyVille/VITO) presented the webinar course 'a policy perspective on Building Automation and Control Systems' in the BACS Academy series hosted by Leonardo Energy. Their presentation is now available online!

EnergyVille is a frontrunner on the topic of smart buildings and building automation and control systems (BACS).

Two of our VITO colleagues (Stijn Verbeke and Paul Van Tichelen) recently presented a webinar on this topic in the Leonardo Energy series, focusing on the current European policy framework on smart buildings and BACS. 

Two studies conducted by EnergyVille/VITO for the European Commission are specifically highlighted:

  • A preparatory study for Ecodesign BACS
  • A study preparing the concept of a Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings. This latter study was recently completed (more info here) and explored the first steps towards the adoption of a EU wide certification scheme for smart buildings. One of the first two buildings this provisional methodology was tested on is our EnergyVille 1 building, which indeed received a very high smart readiness score.

Don’t worry if you could not attend the webinar in real-time: you can find the slides and recording over here.