Workshop for companies, entrepreneurs, etc. interested in creating a (new) hardware product and interested in finding out what it takes to go from one hardware product to a series of products.


- Sander Van den Dries: co-owner @ Comate
- Gabriële Buglione: Business Development Manager @ Thor Park



Thor Park, 3600 Genk of online deel te nemen (webinar)

Webinar 'Van idee tot productie'

Do you have a prototype of a product? Or merely the idea? Are you wondering how much it would cost? Is it smart to produce in large quantities or is starting small a smarter approach? What is the best production location? What delivery period should you take into account, more than 10 weeks? 

The experts from Comate and Thor Park will answer these and many other questions. Do you have additional questions? After registration you can easily submit them and they will be taken into account in the preparation of the session. At the end of the seminar you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your own case. Not able to attend physically? n't you physically attend? When registering, you will be given the opportunity to indicate whether you want to follow the event on site at Thor Park or rather online.

Thor Park

Thor Park is a business, technology and science park where research institutions, start-ups, growth companies and mature companies in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and smart city applications come together.

The goal is to support the development and valorization of smart, sustainable, circular and connected products and services by providing access to specialized ecosystems, knowledge, infrastructure and a network.

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Comate Engineering & Design

Comate is an engineering and design company that invents and develops high-tech, mechatronic, mechanical or electronic hardware products and machines for other companies.

The fast-growing company is expert in the engineering and design of successful products and devices that are more innovative than existing devices on the market.

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