This webinar is part of the GRIDS hub series, hosted by the Enlit Digital content platform. It will consist of a presentation and a panel discussion. Our own Annelies Delnooz (EnergyVille/VITO) will be at the table. Definitely worth a watch!





The episode

This is a very special episode looking into how are Energy Communities engaging with the Grid and what this means. We will start by exploring Energy Communities with a presentation on their classification, before asking the panel of experts to look into some key questions around local consumption and who benefits the most and who doesn’t. The panelists will share their success stories and lessons learnt on the advantages of local consumption vs the disadvantages, like a reduced flexibility for the utilities. 

The panel

The panel will discuss for example the functions of Energy Communities and the potential negative impact on flexibility for the DSO or how we can use legislation and tariffs as tools to keep Energy Communities engaged with the grid. 

The conversation will start off with a short statement from each panelist, after which the debate can start. 

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