The Vlaams Kennisplatform Slim Laden (VKSL) organises a 2-day excursion to England.

The Vlaams Kennisplatform Slim Laden is a joint collaboration of EnergyVilleThe New Drive and Volta together with the Living Lab Smart Charging, the National Knowledge Platform Charging Infrastructure and TCP HEV Task28 of the International Energy Agency. The platform is supported by the Department Environment. 



United Kingdom

Interested in electric mobility and want to know more about the challenges and opportunities of the charging infrastructure and the integration of electric vehicles in the electricity network? Than this 2-day excursion is an ideal moment to get a substantive update of the latest developments! In the programme enough network opportunities are foreseen with internal and external market players and organisations in the field of electric mobility. 

The entire programme is currently still in development. Keep an eye on this web page or register for our newsletter to get an update of the latest information.

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Vlaams Kennisplatform Slim Laden