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Thor Park

On 1 September Thor is Happening will take place, a day full of interesting activities for all ages! In EnergyVille 1 and 2 visitors can admire all labs and children can experiment in different demos. You learn something about the latest types of batteries, whether we can integrate solar panels in building facades, how we can make washing machines smarter and so much more. Our labs are open all day, but the sessions below only take place once. So be sure to plan them already!

Programme EnergyVille

11.00-11.30h: lecture The Energy Landscape of Tomorrow by Bert Gysen (EnergyVille/VITO)

This lecture is suitable for adults who want to know more about what the possibilities are for providing energy in the future. Can we continue with only sun and wind? Do batteries play a crucial role in the future? And how do we heat our homes in the future? All this and much more!

14.00-14.30h: session Power Up! by Professor Johan Driesen (EnergyVille/KU Leuven) (suitable for children from 7 years onwards)

This is a session for the curious youngsters who want to learn about green energy in a playful way. Their parents are also welcome, because for them too it will be a fascinating lecture. Not a dusty professor, but a true spectacle where attendees learn about electric cars, among other things. A must-see for young researchers-to-be!

Full programme

  • In EnergyVille 1 & 2 the research institutes KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt unite their European top research on sustainable energy. More than 300 researchers look for the sustainable and smart energy systems of the future. On the 1st of September, our doors will be opened for everyone interested. Discover in our newest laboratories how we work on more efficient batteries, more aesthetic solar panels or smart domestic appliences such as dishwashers. For those who prefer a more active activity, we also provide several demos. Get to know how hard (or should I say easy) it is to get a light bulb shining with an electric bike. Or take a look under the hood of our electric cars.
  • T2-campus personifies technology and was equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Starting in September 2018, 1,300 trainees per day will be prepared for a challenging TECHjob. Both students, jobseekers, employees en entrepreneurs. T2-Campus is  a unique collaboration between SYNTRA Limburg, VDAB, the city of Genk and Limburg Education. Just before the official move T2-campus will give a preview of its 24,000m² talent and technology. A must-see! Join the TECHtour through the T2-campus, which will show you some of our new spots in the building. For our younger guests, we provide kids entertainment with cardboard boxes.
  • Transforming a good idea into a success story, thát is the goal of every entrepreneur. IncubaThor supports start-ups and scale-ups to accomplish this aim. IncubaThor offers a tailor-made package made for the size of your company: office spaces, communal facilities and services, and of cours an interesting community of companies and experts. During the 1st of September, the ground floor will be opened up where you can meet the entrepreneurs already located at IncubaThor.
  • Thor Central, formerly known as the beacon of coal, brought prosperity, urban development and energy into region since the twenties. The right wing of the building is now completely renovated and reopened its doors in September 2017, exactly 30 years after its closing. Today, Thor Central provides a unique heritage framework with contemporary meeting spaces, multifunctional hallways and an auditorium. The former identity still recognizable in its corridors. On the 1st of September, almost all of Thor Park will be opened up for the public:
    • At several locations, the city guides of Genk will provide some information about Thor Central and its history;
    • Several interesting researchers and professors of EnergyVille will give you some more info about the how and what of renewable energy. All translated to a non-expert audience. There will even be a lecture for children, ideal to visit with the whole family;
    • You still want more? In the offices and meeting rooms on the first floor, the Technologiebende is waiting for you with interesting workshops and experiments.
    • In Thor Central the expo Krachten³ is also available. Three icons of the art industry in Limburg, Hugo Duchateau, Piet Stockmans and Ado Hamelryck, know the richess of the mining site of Waterschei and translated it into several installations which can be admired on the 1st of September.
  • In the Techpedition, imec shows a day in the life of Jonas and Marie, the impact and the importance of technology on our everyday life, within the broader context of social themes such as mobility, energy, health, etc.
  • Flanders Make shows you which elements will be part of the Industry 4.0. Discover how ‘Virtual reality’, ‘Augmented reality’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Collaborative robots’ and ‘Connected services’ will become part of industrial processes of the future. 
  • Do you want to know more about the mining history of Thor Park? Then definitely visit the Mijndepot. The miners of the vzw Mining History have transformed the former warehouse of the coalmine of Waterschei into an exposition that gives an overview of the history and organisation of the coal mine. Discover how hard (ánd warm) it was to get the coal out of the surroundings of Waterschei. The Mijndepot tells you all about its history! Fascinating stories included!
  • Time for a break? Thor Park is located in the middle of beautiful nature. Combine your visit with a hike to the various picknick spots or follow the stone mans routes towards the terril a little further on the road.
  • Should you get hungry on the way? Thor Catering will provide comfort food and drinks all over Thor Park in their unique food carts. Enjoy their homemade nachos and dip, patatas bravas & ailio, icecream for the kids, Turkish pizza slices, etc ...

See you on the 1st of September!

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