Sustainable electricity as an energy source for your production process: smart switching with batteries and battery management systems



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Switching from fossil fuels to sustainable electricity is an attractive and strategic choice for your company. The (partial) storage of the generated electricity and the use of a battery management system tailored to the application has become the future. New innovative technologies, fluctuations in electricity prices and the growth in the supply of affordable renewable electricity have contributed to this transition.

Join us on June 14 to listen to the developers of the world's first autonomous garden robot for every season. The Belgian-American start-up The Kobi opted for a lithium-ion battery for the development of their garden robot that mows lawns, clears snow and shreds leaves. In addition, we have two other success stories in store for you. For example, nLab developed the battery pack of the Ecar 333 and many other mobile applications. And Optimus Yachtbuilders built the first Belgian zero-emission catamaran. A light, yet sturdy catamaran that has no emissions with the help of solar panels, good batteries and smart electric motors.

In order to support the practical cases, Jeroen Büscher of VITO/EnergyVille discusses current and future trends. He elaborates on the benefits, such as energy efficiency, improved product performance, lower emissions, reduced noise and odor nuisance and the impact on your business. Johan Vangrunderbeek, Business Developer SME-cell, concludes with the various cooperation possibilities that exist with VITO. Finally, he explains the current range of grants for SMEs. 


  • 12u00: welcome with sandwiches
  • 13u00: optimize your business and switch to sustainable electricity and battery management systems by Jeroen Büscher, VITO/EnergyVille 
  • 13u30: Best practices: 3 success stories in practice​
    • The Kobi: all season garden robot with lithium-ion-battery
    • ​Optimus Yachtbuilders: zero emisson catamaran ​
    • nLab: how to optimally control individual cells of a battery to obtain maximum capacity?
  • 14u30: Collaboration and subsidy opportunities for SME's by Johan Vangrunderbeek, Business Developer SME-unit, VITO
  • 14u45: Conclusions by Stef Denayer, Managing Director, i-Cleantech Flanders
  • 15u00: Networking drink
  • 16u00: end​

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Centrum-Zuid 1111

3530 Houthalen-Helchteren