Solliance celebrates its 10 year anniversary and that's celebrated with an extensive online event! The energy transition is the central topic of various interesting keynotes. Make sure to register now! 





An online symposium in celebration of the 10th aniversary of Solliance, with Vision on Energy Transition as the central topic. Keynote speakers such as Diederik Samsom (EC), Yuri Sebregts (CTO Shell) will explain the view points of Europe and companies like Shell when it comes to the energy transition. Jef Poortmans (EnergyVille/imec) and Wim Sinke (TNO) clarify the past, present and (sunny) future of solar technology. Besides that, various industrial and academic Solliance partners will give workshops and presentations. The event takes place online and leaves room to meet people and talk to each other through the events digitial facilities. 


  • 09:00: Lobby open / Virtual Boots open
  • 09:45: Opening Solliance Day 2021 by Jo de Boeck
  • 09:50: Round table discussion on sustainability and Innovation with Robert-Jan Smits (TU/e), Ludo Deferm (imec) and Ton de Jong (TNO)
  • 10:30: Diederik Samsom (European Comitee)
  • 11:00: Yuri Sebregts (Shell)
  • 11:30: Start open discussion with TNO, imec and TU/e
  • 12:30: Wim Sinke (TNO Energy transition) and Jef Poortmans (imec) on Future of Solar
  • 13:00: Ron Andriessen – Future of thin-film solar