The aim of this Workshop is to provide a detailed dissemination of the results obtained and lessons learned, both from the simulation and cost-benefit analysis on the different coordination schemes, and from the three technological pilots on the three countries (Italy, Denmark and Spain).



VLEVA office
Kortenberglaan 71
1000 Brussel

The event will also offer the last opportunity to collect a comprehensive feedback from the stakeholders, which will help us to elaborate the final recommendations and regulatory guidelines. VITO/EnergyVille is proud to be part of the consortium of this project. Meet our colleague Helena Gerard who will present five TSO-DSO coordination schemes.


  • Introduction to the SmartNet project (G. Migliavacca – RSE) 
  • Five TSO-DSO coordination schemes (H. Gerard – VITO/EnergyVille) 
  • Real time market architecture issues (G. Leclerq – N-SIDE) 
  • Aggregation models (M. Dzamarija – DTU) 
  • The three national simulation scenarios (H. Svendsen – SINTEF) 
  • Simulation platform and simulation results (M. Rossi – RSE) 
  • Cost-benefit analysis methodology (C. Madina – TECNALIA) 
  • Regulatory analysis (I. Kockar – Strathclyde University) 
  • Introduction to the three technological pilots (C. Madina – TECNALIA) 
  • Demo Italian Pilot (L. Ortolano – TERNA) 
  • Demo Danish Pilot (H. Madsen – DTU) 
  • Demo Spanish Pilot (M. Pardo – ENDESA) 
  • Debate with the European stakeholders in sight of project finalisation 

This workshop is free of charge, but registration is required.

Register here (link is external)