On Thursday 10th of September 2020, the INNTERESTING consortium will organise a webinar for their first sustainability stakeholder consultation meeting to improve the future social acceptance of newly developed wind energy technologies.





The abbreviation INNTERESTING stands for “Innovative Future-Proof Testing Methods for Reliable Critical Components in Wind Turbines” and is the name of a three-year European project that has just started this year by eight partners from three European countries: four R&D centres (IKERLAN, VTT, VITO and KU Leuven), two manufacturers of wind turbine components (Laulagun and Moventas), one global player in the field of computer-aided engineering simulation (Siemens Industry Software), and one nonprofit industry-driven organization (Basque Energy Cluster). INNTERESTING will accelerate wind energy technology development and extend the lifetime of future wind turbine components (2030-2050) by developing innovative testing methods for prototype validation of wind components such as pitch bearings and gearboxes.

INNTERESTINGThe project revolves around three case studies in which disruptive technologies for new pitch bearings and gearboxes, and a novel lifetime extension concept of existing pitch bearings will be developed. In order to maximise the innovation potential of INNTERESTING technology developments, without losing the potential of lowering environmental, social and economic impacts, a life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA) will be performed iteratively throughout the project. The LCSA consist of an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), a social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC). In the first iteration of the LCSA, business-as-usual reference wind turbines are assessed in order to gain insights in the contribution of the
different components and testing methods to the environmental, social and economic impact of wind turbines. Additionally, the results of this first iteration will be taken as a reference to evaluate the improvement with respect to the INNTERESTING technology developments.

Why a Stakeholder Consultation Meeting?

Technical, environmental and social requirements for the future wind turbines will be defined within INNTERESTING. This will be partly based on the
LCSA but also complemented by information from relevant key stakeholders. Therefore, to ensure that important necessities are not omitted and to
arrive at broadly supported requirements, we will appreciate your input.

Join our Stakeholder Consultation Meeting:

  • To provide your view on necessary requirements for future wind turbines, to improve the social acceptance and to lower the environmental impacts of newly developed wind energy technology;
  • To know the view of other key stakeholders of the wind energy value chain;
  • To be the first to be informed about the status and results of the INNTERESTING project.


10 September 2020, 10:00-12:00 CET, Zoom

  •  Welcome and general introduction to the INNTERESTING project – IKERLAN (project coordinator)
  • Social acceptance of wind energy technology – VITO
  • Presentation of the findings of the literature review
  • Interactive discussion
  • (Future) environmental requirements of wind energy technology – VITO
  • Presentation of the findings of the literature review
  • Interactive discussion
  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of three reference wind turbines – VITO
  • Presentation of the findings of the business-as-usual LCA, LCC and S-LCA
  • Interactive discussion


Please register online via this form before 7 September 2020. The Stakeholder Consultation Meeting will be free of charge but registration is mandatory. Your registration will be confirmed by email with the joining details of the Zoom meeting.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 851245.