In the run-up to ODE's anniversary celebration, the Organization for Sustainable Energy (ODE) launched a call for nominations for the Joule Prize for Energy Transition 2022. The prize had to go to 'a person, company, association or knowledge institution that shows great potential for the next quarter century to become a superstar of the energy transition'.

Lieve HelsenDuring the plenary part of the party, chairwoman Saartje De Boever announced that the Joule Prize went to Lieve Helsen and her Thermal Systems Simulation research team at the Faculty of Engineering of  KU Leuven (part of EnergyVille), with a big wink abbreviated to The SySi. Lieve was visibly shocked when she heard the news.

The motivation for the Joule Prize stated, among other things, that "the research group is not guided by the hot topics of the moment, but always substantiates steps forward based on scientific research. They analyze the needs of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, based on a strong social strategic thinking, and work unifyingly on the scientific basis of what will prove to make a big and accelerating difference in the evolving energy landscape.”

The full interview, with more insight into Lieve Helsen's research and its importance for the energy transition, can be downloaded below.