EnergyVille invites solar pioneer dr. Pierre Verlinden to talk about High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells.

This lecture is part of a lecture series within a Francqui Chair awarded by the faculty of Engineering Technology and research institute imo-imomec of Hasselt University.



Thor Park 8040
3600 Genk

Dr. Pierre Verlinden will present the efficiency limits for single junction silicon cells and show why Auger recombination is limiting the efficiency below the Schockley-Queisser limit. He will review semiconductor basic equations and solutions of these equations in the particular case of high-efficiency silicon solar cells.

Using approximations, he reviews the different carrier recombination mechanisms, and formulate the analytical formulas for recombination currents. The selection between a n-type substrate and a p-type substrate is difficult. He will show the major difference between the two substrates and show how donor-like impurities (iron, for example) make the carrier lifetime in p-type substrates more injection dependent than in n-type substrates.

The consequences of selecting a n-type or p-type substrate are important, not only for the maximum reachable efficiency, but as well for degradation of the efficiency over time (LID, LeTID,…).

Using the analytical expressions of current flow in a high-lifetime substrate, he will show how recombination at the rear interface is controlling the short-circuit current of high-efficiency front-junction solar cells, in the same way that the recombination at the front surface of a rear-junction device is controlling the short-circuit current.

Using experimental results and empirical models for surface recombination and emitter saturation current density (Jo), he will show a practical example of solar cell optimisation of doping for front and rear-junction devices.

The lecture will be held in English. 

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Francqui Chair

Research institute imo-imomec and Faculty of Engineering Technology are honored to award the Francqui Chair to solar pioneer dr. Pierre Verlinden.

Within this framework we organise a lecture series: