Eager to explore how microchips and digital technologies can help you innovate your business or (public) services?
At Imec Technology Forum Flanders 2023 you will experience how imec’s chip expertise is a powerful driver for digital transformation in Flanders’ economy and society, notably in Energy, Health, Mobility, and Sustainable industries.
Join other local entrepreneurs, policy makers, SMEs, and innovators at ITF Flanders for the n°1 tech event of the year!




Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp
Koningin Astridplein 22
2018 Antwerpen

Several technological breakthroughs will create ground-breaking innovations in various societal and economic sectors.

During ITF Flanders, imec and several key partners look into the role of technology in the future: which challenges can we tackle leveraging an ingenious combination of hardware and software?

In specific domains, this combination is clearly very promising, notably in preventive health care, sustainable industries, safe mobility, and a resilient energy system.  How can different stakeholders in Flanders today start preparing for tomorrow’s technology and its vast possibilities?

Why attend ITF Flanders?

At ITF Flanders you will discover how imec’s chip expertise is a powerful driver for digital transformation and innovation success, impacting different application domains.

  • 4 thematic sessions on Energy, Health, Mobility, and Sustainable industries in Flanders – each featuring expert talks and a dedicated, guided tour around the demo floor
  • A clear focus on the power & impact of microchip and digital technologies R&D on Flanders’ innovation
  • Strategic networking at our bustling exhibition area

Who attends?

ITF Flanders attracts Flemish stakeholders – entrepreneurs, policy makers, SMEs, and innovators – active in Energy, Health, Mobility, and Sustainable industries.

The event is part of ITF World, imec’s 2-day flagship event formerly known as Future Summits, which welcomes 2,000 (inter)national participants from Belgium, Europe, Asia, the US and more...

Energy Breakout - Technology for a carbon-free built environment

Pressing challenges of CO2 reduction, geopolitical realities, and the trend toward electrification to increase system efficiency are forcing the building sector to develop solutions for a carbon-free built environment.  
With the European Green Deal, Europe has established a new vision for the expected evolution towards Smart Buildings & Districts.  
In this track, you will discover hardware and software technology innovations for decarbonization of the built environment (building-integrated solar cells, safe battery use, DC grids in a residential context, greener heat supply, ...), and a future vision of AI solutions for smart control of energy flows in homes, buildings and districts.