Reducing our usage of fossil fuels requires big changes. We need to increase the use of renewable energy and with that the flexibility of our electricity grid.

FLEXCON brings together organisations and experts (including experts of EnergyVille) who share a common interest in energy flexibility and the goal to engage consumers in the flexible energy revolution. Through workshops, seminars, and networking events we discuss and share ideas and topics for new smart energy services and business models.

Join us and accelerate the transition!



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We believe that Flexible Energy is the next evolutionary step towards a decentralized sustainable powered energy grid. The transition to Flexible Energy requires a paradigm shift in how we consume energy: from demand driven to supply driven. Or simply put; if the sun shines turn on your washing machine, if the wind blows charge your battery…

However the transition to this new model is extremely complex. It requires businesses to rethink their business models, it also requires a smarter grid, a new set of regulations, standardization and most importantly it requires awareness amongst all stakeholders in the ecosystem.  FLEXCON brings together parties form all over the world interested in flexible energy to share ideas, solutions, best practices, new developments and more

About the conference

FLEXCON2022 is a two-day conference dedicated to Energy Flexibility. Each day of FLEXCON2022 aims to highlights specific Smart Energy related topics, with keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops. Each day ends with drinks, networking and informal discussions, and on day 1 there is a networking dinner for sponsors and other invitees.

Day 1

Track 1: Energy Systems Interactions
Track 2: Data, Enabling Technologies, Interoperability
Track 3: Smart Energy Workshops

Day 2

Track 1: Commercial and Industrial Scale Solutions
Track 2: E-Mobility, Smart Charging & V2X
Track 3: Smart Energy Workshops
Startups and Idea Pitching