Join us for this one-hour lecture of collegue Maarten De Groote on how to engage local communities to drive urban regeneration and social innovation, strategies employed among the oPEN Living Lab residents.



SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Room 211-212
Event Code: 10WS23616

Exploring the Role of Local Communities in Sustainable Urban Transitions

This joint EU Week of Regions and Cities event will delve into the critical role of local communities and neighbourhoods in driving sustainable urban transitions through social innovation and affordable housing solutions. Organised by ARV, syn.ikia, oPEN Lab, and the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities, this event will showcase innovative pilot projects where citizens have taken the lead in shaping urban transitions.

The event will feature insights into the three projects from across Europe, highlighting the potential of social innovation in urban development. These projects encompass diverse areas, including social housing neighbourhoods and city-level initiatives, all designed to foster sustainability and community engagement.

The event will also address key themes such as urban development, international collaboration, energy efficiency, climate and environmental considerations, sustainable housing, education, culture, circular economy practices, and research and innovation. 


On 10 October our colleague Maarten De Groote will be sharing his insights.

  • Maarten brings two decades of expertise in driving the energytransition within the builtenvironment
  • Maarten will also delve into the strategies employed for citizenengagement and building of trust among the residents of the oPEN Living Lab neighbourhoods in Genk (BE), Pamplona (ES), and Tartu (EE).

This event promises to provide valuable insights into the role of local communities in driving sustainable urban transitions through innovation and affordable housing solutions.