Will residual heat from Agfa-Gevaert provide sustainable heating to surrounding municipalities?​

Will districts and SME-zones surrounding Agfa-Gevaert be heated sustainably in the future? That's what the cities Antwerp, Mortsel and Edegem, Agfa-Gevaert itself and heating distribution network operator Eandis are trying to get an answer to by means of a thorough study. The results will be presented in October 2018.

Antwerp, Mortsel and Edegem want to join forces and make the heating and cooling demand of their citizens more sustainable by installing district heating networks. In those networks, residual heat of industrial processes can be brought to individual consumers by means of a local network of pipings. According to a first concept study by VITO/EnergyVille commissioned by the Province of Antwerp, the project has a valuable potential.

Deputy Ludwig Caluwé, in charge of Economy and Innovation: “Local heating districts enable important steps in the transition towards a climate neutral energy system. It just isn't that simple though and asks for economic and ecologic feasibility."

With regard to Agfa-Gevaert this means residual industrial heat is made available for 'het zilverkwartier' (silver quarter) in Berchem, the housing development zone in the Fort-V-street in Edegem and the  SME-zone in the Vredebaan in Mortsel. In the long run, the district heating network could also be extended tot the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Cost-effective and sustainable

A thorough study has to decide whether the district heating network is cost-effective enough. It should not be the aim to pay more for a heating network than for a similar scenario with natural gas. Similarly, sustainability is also a key feature in the project. After all, district heating networks are an ideal aid in reducing CO2-emissions. When the investigation confirms the feasibility of the project, the district heating network could ensure an annual cutback of 800 to 1,200 tons of CO2. To give you an idea, this equals the annual emission of 550 to 800 new cars.

Source: Made in Antwerp: http://www.madeinantwerpen.be/nieuws/gaat-restwarmte-van-agfa-gevaert-b…