Join us for the yearly EnergyVille PhD Day designed exclusively for researchers in the energy field. Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover and present groundbreaking insights, engage in interactive workshops, and network with fellow young researchers.

This event is free of charge.



EnergyVille 1 & 2
Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

Developing and connecting young researchers in Energy

The EnergyVille PhD Day is a dynamic gathering that aims to bridge the gap between diverse Energy and Sustainability research subtopics, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among (young) researchers. Hosted by the EnergyVille PhD Committee, this event serves as a nexus for experienced PhD candidates from KU Leuven, VITO, imec, UHasselt and UAntwerp, as well as newcomers, to share their research, enhance their skill sets, and cultivate valuable networks. 

Note that, as a PhD candidate, you are likely to obtain doctoral school credits for participating to this event (see below for details).

Program highlights

  1. Opening plenary session by Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, General Manager of EnergyVille
  2. Presentations of the research groups activities in EnergyVille 1 & 2
  3. Food truck lunch break
  4. Crossed lab tour (EV1 to EV2, and EV2 to EV1)
  5. Contest for students: Pitch your PhD! (prizes for the winning participants)
  6. Workshops from Expert Academy (see below for details)
  7. Bowling and (free) drinks @Olympia

We invite you to seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in a tapestry of ideas, discoveries and collaborations at EnergyVille. So, come along and meet the other PhD students working at EnergyVille on this one-day event!


Details Workshops

1. Mastering the art of Storytelling

Storytelling is an impactful technique to precisely convey your ideas and increase commitment and motivation. Forget PowerPoint and statistics for a minute. To engage individuals at the most profound level, stories are imperative. In this workshop, you'll discover and learn the art of narrating tales that resonate with and inspire your audience. You'll acquire tips and tricks to construct a compelling story and become an inspirational raconteur. A well-told story empowers you to articulate your vision in a captivating way, fostering change, motivating others and reinforcing your values and ideas.

2. Emotional Intelligence in Academia

A high IQ 'per se' is not a warranty for a successful career. Mere knowledge will not suffice to educate us in all the skills required for our desired achievements. Empathy, flexibility and hope for example, lead to improved connections with (future) colleagues and superiors. Individuals with a high EQ are therefore typically more productive and effective in performing their job. Managing emotional skills, including assertiveness, addressing relations, engaging in problem-solving, empathy, and stress tolerance, all contribute to a more successful life, both in a professionally and personal context. How can we address our own emotions and those of others? This workshop will equip participants with the tools and insights to navigate emotions effectively. 

3. The Science of Persuasive Communication 

Getting your message across is one thing. Persuading others to embrace your perspective is quite another. How can you sway your colleagues to see things your way on an important project? How can you ensure your proposals and suggestions are greeted with enthusiasm during meetings? Moreover, how can you inspire others to appreciate and adopt your ideas? Persuasive communication encompasses more than merely presenting compelling arguments and countering criticism. This interactive workshop offers an array of strategies and techniques aimed at amplifying the impact of your communication, equipping you to achieve greater resonance and influence.




Mother organization (indicate all which apply)
With maximum one slide, pitch your PhD in an understandable and original way (in 1 to 2 minutes) to the other students. Reusing content from FWO interviews or equivalent is of course welcome. Participation of PhD newcomers is highly encouraged! 
Please send your one slide to phdcommittee@energyville.be before October 13th.
Approximately 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions are provided per speaker. The goal is to present an overview of your group's research activities within the EV ecosystem, with a focus on the directions and strategies rather than highly technical results. Examples of inter-group collaborations are very welcome! Team managers and/or promotors are welcome to present themselves or assist in the preparation of the presentation.
Please send your slides to phdcommittee@energyville.be before October 13th.

Obtaining Doctoral School credits

KU Leuven, Arenberg Doctoral School: credits for presentation only, acknowledged as 1 out of the 2 required seminars

UHasselt, Science & Technology Doctoral School: credits for simple participation, category Research Management "course/workshop at developing general research skills". 

UA: info will follow