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With a large variety of subtopics within our Energy and Sustainability research, it can be a challenge to integrate research groups and be up to date with what is being done across teams and institutions. With the EnergyVille PhD Day 2022 we (the EnergyVille PhD Committee) aim to connect young researchers from the partner institutions (imec, VITO, Uhasselt, KUL, and UAntwerp), as well as welcome new members to the community. This will be done by providing a space in which PhDs can share their research with each other and workshops to develop their skills and network.

  • For who: This event is targeted at young researchers (PhD students and Postdocs), who will have preferential attendance in case room limit is exceeded. In this case, all registered participants will be communicated prior to the event
  • Where: EnergyVille 1- Thor Park 8310, 3600 Genk.
  • When: 14th of October 2022, from 09:00 to 20:00 h.
  • Registrationhere!


  • 09:00-09:30: Keynote Session
  • 09:30-12:30: Scientific Presentations + Coffee Break
  • 12:30-14:00: Lunch Break
  • 14:00-15:00: Short Presentations
  • 15:00-17:00: Workshops
  • 17:00-20:00: Networking Reception


  • “Sustainability in Research” workshop by Prof. David Bol’s group (UCLouvain): This workshop aims at providing a first contact with Hilty’s LES framework that takes into account all the environmental impacts of a certain technology/research, not only the direct positive effect of using that very technology, but also all the indirect and/or negative consequences for instance linked to the life-cycle assessment, rebound effects and systemic changes, in a qualitative fashion. The goal is to get participants acquainted with such an analysis process and open the way for further practice of environmental footprint assessment. The workshop will be hosted by researchers from Prof. David Bol (UCLouvain) and is designed to be interactive between sub-groups.
  • “Get More Out of Your Voice” with expert Harald Van Beeck: In today's professional life, a good command and use of voice, pronunciation, body and language is of great importance. This is why more and more professionals are turning to voice coaching and voice training. Our voice is a sensitive organ and often suffers from stress, strain, fatigue or misuse. With the right voice and breathing techniques, you can develop a powerful, flexible and pleasant voice with which you can get your message across clearly: in meeting rooms, small and large spaces, during an interview, when giving presentations, with or without the use of technical aids.
  • “Leadership: How to motivate and bring colleagues along with your project or research” + “Moonlanding game, powered by NASA” with expert Koen Callaerts: This program will develop a coaching style of leadership that maximizes employer potential and improves team performance. It is suitable for everyone who wish to be able to use core coaching processes to promote effective working and motivation. This training program will help you attain better results in leadership, teamwork, communication, goal setting and planning. The Moonlanding Exercise was developed by Nasa and operates at different levels. It is an exercise in communication skills, leadership coaching, negotiation skills, persuasive communication, and conflict handling.
  • “Managing Difficult Conversations” with expert Lieven Buyse: Dealing with a delicate situation, like appraisals, solving a staffing problem or important conversations with your university peers, requires insight and technique. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the managing and coping strategies needed to tackle difficult conversations effectively, both within and outside the workplace. This workshop aims to provide attendees with the skills required to negotiate calmly, defuse unpleasant situations and generally feel more positive about having difficult conversations.

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