The EnergyVille Business Day 2023 - the ultimate gathering for the latest and greatest developments in the world of energy transition, is taking place on June 19th in Thor Central in Genk, Belgium. You are warmly invited to attend this event and gain valuable insight in our future developments.



Thor Central
Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

Business day

The theme of this year's EnergyVille business day is: "Industrial valorization: Accelerated flow from fundamental hardware to system integration". This aim of this day is bringing decision makers from industry, policy and knowledge institutes together and exploring the crucial hardware innovations that are driving the success of the energy transition, from cutting-edge technology to system integration. Our experts will provide valuable insights and updates and are open to discuss this with fellow change makers.


Here you can find a brief overview of the programme

  • 12.00-13.00: Welcome with sandwiches
  • 13.00-14:30: plenary sessions, moderator: Gerrit Jan Schaeffer (EnergyVille) 
    • Introduction by Gerrit Jan Schaeffer (EnergyVille)
    • Diego Pavia (EIT InnoEnergy)
    • EWI
    • Kris Peeters (EIB) 
    • Joris Merckx (Thor Park)
    • Jef Poortmans (EnergyVille / imec)
  • 14.30-14.55: Break
  • 14.55-16.35: parallel sessions (45 min./session) 
    • Room 1:
      • Solar:
        • Michaël Daenen (EnergyVille / UHasselt)
        • Bas van de Kreeke (Soltech)
        • Marc Meuris (EnFoil)
        • Lois Tous (AGC)
      • Batteries:
        • Jeroen Buscher (EnergyVille / VITO)
        • Ali Darwiche (SoliThor)
        • Bjorn Robbens (C-Battery)
    • Room 2:
      • Power electronics:
        • Wilmar Martinez (EnergyVille / KU Leuven)
        • Denis Marcon (InnoScience)
        • Antonello Antoniazzi, Thorsten Strassel (ABB)
      • Electrical networks:
        • Dirk Van Hertem (EnergyVille / KU Leuven)
        • Nico Winters (EME)
        • Godfried Kochelkorn (Hitachi)
    • Room 3:
      • Thermal systems:
        • Johan Van Bael (EnergyVille / VITO)
        • Tine Baelmans (IAMHEX)
        • Yves De Vos (Bosal)
      • Power-to-Molecules:
        • Jan Vaes (EnergyVille / VITO)
        • Rik Vreys (Hyve)

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