On 21 and 22 October, the international conference Energy Mission has landed in Limburg, at Thor Park in Genk. Organising partners POM Limburg, EnergyVille, Flux50 and Thor Park are bringing together top European energy experts to discuss the energy sources of the future. Tom Vandeput, Commissioner for Economy and Chairman of POM Limburg: "Energy innovation is crucial for the competitive future of the Limburg economy. With Energy Mission, we are therefore putting Limburg on the map as a hotspot for energy activity."

Energy MIssion

By 2050 at the latest, Europe must become the first climate-neutral continent in the world, says the European Green Deal. A lofty ambition, in which energy transition plays an important role. Commissioner Tom Vandeput: "Based on our own innovative strength, we want to take the lead in this climate challenge. Our province scores better than average in the field of CO2 emissions and green energy, but we set the bar higher. We must switch to a fully low-carbon energy system."

Urban environment, industry and electrification

Making a success of this energy transition requires a targeted, cross-sector approach. An international conference like Energy Mission plays an important role here. Decision-makers from business, policy and knowledge institutions come together in Genk for two days and debate three energy themes: sustainable urban environment, low-carbon industry and smart and renewable electrification. "In order to transition to a low-carbon economy and at the same time increase the competitiveness of Flemish industry, cross-sectoral cooperation between energy, IT and construction companies is necessary," said Frederik Loeckx, Managing Director of Flux50.

Dronebeeld EnergyVille

Thor Park

It is no coincidence that the conference is taking place at Thor Park. Research institute EnergyVille on the site is the hub of expertise on renewable energy in Flanders and beyond. General manager of EnergyVille Gerrit Jan Schaeffer: "EnergyVille develops technologies and knowledge to support public and private stakeholders in their transition to an energy-efficient, low-CO2 and sustainable urban environment." Joris Merckx, general manager Thor Park: "At Thor Park we connect this renowned research institution with start-up and growth companies and world players in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and 'Smart City' applications."