In February and March 2021, EnergyVille organised a series of expert debates, the Energy Encounters, on various energy topics, more specifically on onshore wind, PV, offshore wind and gas. It was a successful series that sparked engaging discussions. The summaries of this series of Energy Encounters can be found here.

We would like to continue this with a new series of debates, this time on some important topics that were not addressed in the previous sessions: the built environment and renovation, smart cities and districts, mobility, industrial decarbonisation and heat. During these debates, experts who play a key role in realising this turnaround will come together to discuss key issues.  We'll bring different stakeholders together, who will put all their challenges in the energy transition on the table. That way, we can explore constructive solutions together. 



Online livestream

Energy Encounters tweede serie

This Energy Encounter focuses on the built environment and renovation. In the transition to a carbon-free future, a crucial role is reserved for buildings and districts. But how do we enable the transition towards a future-proof building stock? What are the drawbacks? And what are the opportunities? Join this energy encounter and find it out.


Host: Luc Pauwels, VRT

  • 13.00h: Welcome
  • 13.05h: Setting the scene: Maarten De Groote, EnergyVille
  • 13.15h: Panel presentation: Johan Van Dessel, BBRI
  • 13.30h: Short presentations of companies and the challenges they face  
  • 13.45h: Panel discussion
    • Moderator: Luc Pauwels, journalist at VRT
    • Bas van de Kreeke, Van de Kreeke & Habenu ‑ van de Kreeke
    • Charlotte van de Water, Agoria
    • Leo Van Broeck, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK
    • Antoon Soete, Wattson
    • Freddy Van Bogget, KBC
    • Valérie Barlet, AGC
  • 14:35h: Conclusions

Practical information

Participants will be able to follow via a livestream. A live Q&A will allow you to take part in the conversation from afar. The sessions will be held in English.

More info about the other sessions can be found here.


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