EnergyVille will be hosting the 5th edition of the International DHC + Summer School. This Summer School is designed to provide a clear introduction to the district heating and cooling technology, operational issues, and consumer determinants in evolving energy systems. The purpose of the Summer School is to offer a unique course on district energy combining theoretical lectures with practical application, site visits and networking opportunities.



Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

This year’s Summer School will explore in detail the evolution ‘from 3rd to 4th generation DHC networks’ combining lectures from the best professionals and academics in the sector, with guided site visits to real installations, such as the newly developed district heating network Nieuw-Zuid Antwerp, the highly advanced 4th generation network Mijnwater in Heerlen, or the first deep geothermal well in Mol. The International DHC+ Summer School also comprises networking activities such as  dinners and group work to create connections between participants, facilitate exchange of knowledge and explore business opportunities for the future.

Find a detailed programme, participation fees and a registration link here.

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