Electricity networks have been widely equipped with alternating current technology at 50 or 60 Hz for over century. However, DC technology provides clear technical advantages in a world that will be dominated by energy storage systems, photovoltaic modules, digital equipment and energy efficient HVAC systems. Introducing DC technology will increase conversion efficiency and power transfer capability while at the same time reducing costs. 



Thor Central
Thor Park
3600 Genk

Low-voltage direct current (DC) technologies, was Edison right after all? 

We invite you to participate in the DC Symposium on Tuesday December 13th, in Thor Central at Thor Park in Genk, where the results of two DC projects: the ICON BIDC and the ICON MultiDC will be discussed. 


  • 10-10h30: Reception & Coffee
  • 10h30-10h45: Introduction, Flux50
  • 10h45-12h15: Direct Current DC in residential applications 
    (Results from ICON BIDC project, financing via Flux50 & VLAIO)
  • 12h15-13h: Lunch
  • 13h-13h30: Keynote: Direct Currect DC projects outside Flanders, Benoit Bidaine, Chief Technology Officer, CET-power
  • 13h30-15h: Direct Current DC in industrial applications
    (Results from ICON MultiDC Project, joint Flux50 & Flanders make icon project, financing via Flux50 & VLAIO)
  • 15h-15h55: Valorization, intro Christof De Knop, Imtech
    Panel discussion, moderated by prof. Johan Driesen, ESAT, KU Leuven

    - Jeroen Stuyts, Flanders Make
    - Christof De Knop, Imtech
    - Benoit Bidaine, CET-power
    - Luc Picard, ABB
  • 15h55-16h: Wrap-up, intro demonstrations (tour in groups), prof. Johan Driesen, ESAT, KU Leuven
  • 16h-16h15: Move to EnergyVille I (EV1)
  • 16h15-18h: Lab Tour with demo's at EV labs, e.g
    • EMC and ARC
    • Protection setups
    • Power converters
    • Storage setup
    • ABB converters
    • Flanders Make setups
  • Starts from 17h30: Closing drink at EnergyVille 1


Registration for and participation in the DC Symposium is free.


Panel DC Symposium

Panel DC Symposium

Presentations DC Symposium