This year, Day of Science will be held on line. On the 22nd of November, the well-known event brings science and technology straight into your living room. On this page, you'll find everything EnergyVille will have to offer! 





Day of Science EnergyVille

There is no stopping science! You can definitely take that literally, because Day of Science is coming to you this year. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: on the 22nd of November, Flanders’ biggest science event will be happening on line! 

During lectures through live stream, a broad public can learn more about the ‘cristal ball’ of solar energy, the possibilities of wind energy and batteries, solar panels incorporated in windows and so much more. We will even answer one of the most persistent questions known to modern science: why is my phone’s battery always dead? There will be experiments set up and visitors can follow a virtual tour of the EnergyVille buildings: peak inside our HomeLab, follow our colleagues in the laboratories where they test the newest solar panels and discover how we can test solar cells inside.

The next generation of scientists can also count on a full schedule: become the smartest cookie in your house as a real energy expert, or come learn about green energy and electric cars!

Already excited? Good, so are we! 

Take a look at our activities:

Please note that all the activities listed below will be held in Dutch, unless it's indicated otherwise. 

  • Today's and tomorrow's energy system (lecture by Ronnie Belmans - livestream at 11h, join here)
  • What? Watt! A crazy online show about nature and technique
    (by Johan Driesen - livestream at 13h30 on the Day of Science website)
  • Debate on nuclear energy, hosted by KU Leuven (with Pieter Vingerhoets, Johan Driesen and Johan Van Acker - livestream at 15h) - more info
  • Why is my phone's battery always dead? (lecture by Marlies Van Bael)
  • How does sunlight become electricity? (lecture by Bart Vermang)
  • A crystal ball for solar energy (video with Gofran Chowdhury)
  • Solar panels in windows (video with Jacopo Sala)
  • A 360° virtual tour of the EnergyVille buildings. (English version available)
  • Professor Johan Driesen shows you around the labs at EnergyVille 1 (Subtitles available)
  • Professor Bart Vermang  shows you around the labs at EnergyVille 2 (Subtitles available)

Discover the full programme at Day of Science