During the Day of Science we open our doors for everyone interested in our research!




The Day of Science is the biggest science event in Flanders and Brussels. Everyone joins: innovative companies, universities and colleges, musea, observatories and research institutes. EnergyVille will open its doors and laboratories for the broad public as well. You're more than welcome to join and explore the research facilities of EnergyVille, together with Thor Park, Thor Central, IncubaThor and T2-Campus.

This event (lectures, workshops, demos,...) will take place in Dutch, however our researchers can explain our activities in English.

Woon je liever een lezing bij? Onze general manager Gerrit Jan Schaeffer geeft om 13u wat meer inzicht over het wijs omgaan met waterstof, maar ook onze professor Johan Driesen zal je wat bijleren over energie!

13u: Gerrit Jan - Wees wijs met waterstof (Click here to join the meeting)

14u: Johan Driesen - Energietransitie vanuit het perspectief van de eindgebruiker (Click here to join the meeting)