Amsterdam invites you to experience the heart of its energy transition from 1-3 April 2019.




We are very happy to announce the dates for the City-zen Days in Amsterdam on 1-3 April 2019! More information will follow soon but feel free to put these dates in your agenda.

The project

A city operating entirely on clean energy. In theory, it's possible. But in real life? How to integrate new solutions in existing buildings, systems and people's lives? What are the technical, economic or social barriers? And how to overcome these? That's what we learn by doing in 20 projects in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

The City-zen activities

The expected impact

  • 20 innovations in Grenoble & Amsterdam
  • 35,000 tonnes CO2 saved per year
  • 76,000 m² renovated residential buildings
  • 10,000 dwellings connected to a Smart Grid

Want to know more about the project or the specific cases in Europe?
Then have a look at the project website.