Our partner InnoEnergy is organizing a Battery Storage Masterclass at EnergyVille. The Masterclass empowers you with the next-generation knowledge and insights, the innovation mindset and the vision to:

  • Assess emerging solutions and understand their potential across the entire battery storage value chain
  • Spot the right storage solution for your organisation 
  • Leverage new investment opportunities
  • Design and execute competitive B2C or B2B business models
  • Foresee future markets, evaluate emerging threats, brace for change and exploit new market openings
  • Lead innovation at your organisation



Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

What will you learn?

Our Battery Storage Masterclass in Genk is a deep dive into the trends, the next-generation technologies, the challenges and the emerging solutions deployed by pioneers in clean energy around the globe. You gain a deep understanding of the technical and business dimensions at play.

Across three immersive days in Genk, you will explore:

  • The emerging energy and battery storage market
  • Battery storage applications: grid, behind-the-grid, off-grid and mobility
  • Battery chemistry types and management systems
  • Energy storage technologies
  • How to select the right battery for your system
  • Business models for energy storage services

How will you learn?

Our Battery Storage Masterclass in Genk is an experiential learning opportunity. You will learn from and interact with renowned academics and leading experts in this exciting and fast-changing space. The programme integrates workshops, hands-on practical sessions and time in the laboratory as you explore the technical, industry and business dimensions of battery storage technologies and industry trends.

Your learning opportunities include:

  • Informational talks and interactive workshops led by technical experts in the field
  • Expert led sessions
  • Laboratory session at the exclusive Battery Lab, EnergyVille
  • Direct interaction with experts and business model innovators

Who will teach you?

Our Battery Storage Masterclass in Genk is led by InnoEnergy and delivered in partnership with some of Europe’s top authorities in sustainable energy and battery storage. Our experts occupy leadership positions within the European Battery Alliance

This course is led by EnergyVille: KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt.

Our course director is Bo Normark.

Bo is the InnoEnergy Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage. With more than 35 years of industrial experience in ABB in development, design, project management and global management of the Power Systems business, Bo is one of the foremost authorities within the European Battery Alliance.  

Is it right for you?

Join a cohort of consultants, engineers, investment and finance experts, policymakers and leaders from a multiplicity of sectors – from automotive to industry. Our participants come from across Europe and represent a broad diversity of organisations, from Siemens to PwC, Volkswagen to EDF to the IEA and EREF Europe.

Typical participants include:

  • Energy engineers, analysts and strategists
  • Business analysts
  • Investors
  • Management consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Quality engineers and technical managers

Full programme