You are invited to the 15th IET international conference on AC and DC Power Transmission!



Double Tree by Hilton


  • 08:30 Registration and refreshments
  • 09:00 Chair’s welcome
    Prof Carl Barker, Consulting Engineer, GE Power, UK
  • 09.05 Introduction to InnoDC research group
    Overview on the connection between the following three presentations
    • Components of DC grids and wind farms
    • Connection of offshore wind farms
    • Hybrid AC/DC grid: Interactions between AC & DC grids

      Prof Jun Liang, Professor of Power Electronics, Cardiff University, UK
  • 09.15 Connection of offshore wind farmsOffshore wind power plants collection systems AC & DC
    • Offshore wind power plants collection transmission systems: AC & DC
    • Stability of offshore wind power plants AC grids
    • Black-start and islanding capabilities of offshore wind power plants

      Dr Nicolaos Cutululis, Senior Researcher, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark
  • 09.55 Components of DC grids and wind farms
    • Main components of offshore wind farms and DC grids
    • Modular multilevel converters for DC grids
    • DC/DC converters for DC grids
    • Control and supervision of hybrid AC/DC grids

      Dr Eduardo Prieto Araujo, Lecturer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
  • 10.35 Refreshments and networking
  • 11.05 Hybrid AC/DC grid: Interactions between AC & DC grids
    • System modelling challenges with power electronics
    • Modelling of AC/DC systems in different time-frames
    • Challenges for operation, control and protection

      Dr Jef Beerten, Assistant Professor, KU Leuven - EnergyVille, Belgium
  • 11.45 Multi-terminal DC schemes: context, challenges and barriers
    • Historical context
    • Recent MTDC schemes
    • Project challenges
    • Possible barriers

      Prof Norman MacLeod, Technical Director HVDC, WSP, UK
  • 12.15 Lunch and networking
  • 13.15 The planning and delivery of an HVDC project from a network owner’s perspective
    • Planning the project
    • Setting the technical constraints
    • Getting the right structure
    • Dealing with risk
    • Choosing the contractor
    • Construction challenges

      Peter Roper, Project Director, Western Link Scheme, UK
  • 14.15 The client’s perspective on considerations for specifying multi-terminal ready projects
    Using the Caithness-Moray project as a case study:
    • Overview of original drivers for reinforcement in north-east Scotland
    • Multi-terminal HVDC options
    • Procurement challenges & industry codes
    • The role of a multi-terminal test environment (MTTE)

      Paul Neilson, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc, UK
  • 14.45 Refreshments and networking
  • 15.15 Practical use of real-time simulation
    • Overview of the real-time simulation
    • Modelling AC systems in real-time
    • New open-source real-time converter model
    • Case study of use of replicas and real-time simulation on the Caithness-Moray Project
    • Hands-on practical demonstration of real-time simulation

      Simon Marshall, Centre Manager, The National HVDC Centre, UK
  • 16.45 Open session
    30 minute open session for delegates to interact with the models/modelling software
    Simon Marshall, Centre Manager, The National HVDC Centre, UK
  • 17.15 Chair’s final remarks and close
    Prof Carl Barker, Consulting Engineer, GE Power, UK

Programme is correct at time of publication. Topics and speakers are subject to change.