In November, the fourth edition of the International Workshop on District Heating will be organized. This free two-day event will provide attendees with valuable insights into the state of affairs regarding heat networks, opportunities, ambitions, and practical examples. Moreover, it presents a unique opportunity to network with industry partners who will be present at the workshop.



Provinciehuis Antwerpen
Kon. Elisabethlei 22
2018 Antwerpen


Heat represents approximately 50% of the total energy consumption in Europe. A large number of consumers, from private residences to commercial, public, and industrial customers, are already connected to a district heating network. Today, there are thousands of district heating systems in Europe, which currently supply over 10% of the total European heat demand. Recent geopolitical developments have highlighted the need to pursue all possible solutions that contribute to our energy independence.

Denmark, for instance, has been utilizing district heating for over 100 years, accumulating a wealth of expertise in the field. In the Netherlands, which aims to phase out natural gas as much as possible over the next ten years, district heating is emerging as one of the primary options for sustainable heating in residential and commercial buildings. Even in Flanders, there are ambitious plans, although we are still at the beginning stages. In several Flemish cities, including Antwerp, a municipal district heating network is no longer a distant dream but a reality in progress.

On November 28, together with experts from various fields - technical, legal, financial, communications, and more - we will provide an overview of district heating networks in Flanders. We will examine the challenges and opportunities, discuss concrete plans or ambitious visions, and learn from the experiences of our neighboring countries regarding district heating.


  • November 28, 2023: Workshop at Antwerp Provincial House
  • November 29, 2023: Technical visits


This fourth edition of the District Heat Workshop is a collaboration between VITO, ISVAG, and DBDH, as well as Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen, Interafval (VVSG), De Provincie, and POM Antwerpen. The Industriepartnerschap Sirris-Agoria supports the 4th International Heat Workshop on district heating. 

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