Gamification to teach youngsters about electricity

LumenUse Minecraft in an educational way? That is what the Lumen project does. The goal: to teach children to deal with electricity and more specifically with the fundamental concepts of energy in a playful way. Thanks to a 'modification' in the popular computer game, players discover how electrical components such as lamps and solar panels work in real life. It is the perfect way to teach children to cope with the difficulties and challenges of electrical systems.

So are you curious about how electricity works? Or do you just want to build large energy-consuming constructions? Then this game really is your thing!

How does it work?

Download all necessary files via the link at the bottom of this page. Install Minecraft and the 'modification', instructions can be found in this installation guide (link is external). Before you start playing, you can first check out the tutorial (link is external) that provides more explanation about the different components and how they work. You can also download and play the tutorial world yourself. The instructions for this can also be found in the installation guide. Via the server you can also play online together with others.


Download the Lumen brochure here

Team Lumen

  • Jeroen Tant (Technical leader)
  • Menno Vanfrachem (IT developer)
  • Kobe Vanfrachem (IT developer)
  • Scarlett Tokunaga (Project manager)
  • Johan Driesen (Supervisor)
  • Jeroen Stuyts (Project leader)
  • Darragh Van Tichelen (Programmer)


You can download Lumen via the link at the bottom of this webpage.